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PACEC Conference

PACEC Conference

October 18 th , 2019

Philadelphia Marriott West

111 Crawford Avenue

Conshohocken, PA

Speakers: Liliana Yazno-Bartle, Esq. and Jane M. Williams, Esq.

Title: A SD and Parent Attorney Playing Nicely in the Special Education Sandbox: 10

Soft Skills to Facilitate Collaboration and Avoid Litigation

Abstract: Due Process Hearings can be financially, physically and emotionally

exhausting on all parties involved. This is especially the case when there is a lack of

trust, communication and collaboration throughout the special education process.

Through the perspective of two seasoned attorneys, this session will cover the 10 most

important skills to avoid special education litigation while at the same time providing tips

on how to continue a mutually beneficial relationship.

More info can be found at the PACEC website

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