About Us

Why Work With Us

We get results. At the Law Offices of Caryl Andrea Oberman, we dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of families — in special education matters, school discipline, gifted education, higher education test taking and admissions accommodations, disability rights, public benefits for people with disabilities, estate planning, and guardianship. We focus all of our efforts on achieving your goals.

The law gives us the tools, but they do not wield themselves. We know the law, and we know how to use it. With over fifty years of collective experience in disability law, we draw on our wide-ranging knowledge of education and estate laws, and of the practical uses of those laws to solve the problems of day-to-day life. Our professionals live and work in the communities we serve, with information about and expertise in the resources available in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

What We Deliver

We listen to you. As a results-oriented firm, we work with you to identify the problem and its solution. Together, we create a plan of action to get what you need by the most efficient and effective means possible. We maintain our focus on delivering your desired result, and operate with that goal in mind every step of the way. We have a well-deserved reputation for persistence.

We give you the knowledge to empower yourself. It is important to us that families and students understand and know how to enforce their legal rights and to solve problems. We are committed to helping families navigate the often confusing systems available to meet the needs of their children. We help families develop estate plans to meet the needs of all their members, including those with disabilities. We provide training to parents about their legal rights in the areas of education and estate planning. Our goal is to strengthen your ability to advocate for your family on your own, using us as a resource and to represent your interests when you have gone as far as you can.

Our Process

I. Free Telephone Consultation

When you first contact our office, an experienced staff member will gather intake information about you and your concerns, and then promptly schedule a free, in-depth telephone consultation directly with an attorney.  During that consultation, the attorney will gather a history of your case, and will either offer a suggestion or referral for resolving it or, if there is a need for more, schedule you for an in-office appointment with an advocate or attorney. During the telephone consultation, the attorney will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the appointment, billing, or firm practices.

II. In-Office Appointment

A. Education

If you are coming in for the first time to meet with us about an education matter, we will ask you to gather all documents from at least the past two years related to your child’s case and to bring them to your in-office appointment. The records of your previous interactions with the various educational, medical, and administrative agencies will give us a more thorough understanding of your concerns and an appropriate end result.

B. Estates

If we will be helping you in an estate matter, we will ask that you fill out and bring to your initial in-office appointment a detailed estate questionnaire, which we will send to you when you make your appointment.

The attorney or advocate will answer any questions you might have and thoroughly discuss the possible outcomes of your situation. The appointment may result in a mutual decision to continue in a counseling relationship or to have us act directly on your behalf. Our professionals will work with you to determine the most beneficial and efficient means to meet your goal. We will make sure you leave the appointment with the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of your family member, and with a plan for action.

III.  After the Initial Appointment

We are available through e-mail and telephone to address any ongoing concerns and will keep in frequent communication as your case progresses. You need never hesitate to call us or to ask a question. Our aim is to use our skills in advocacy, negotiation, legal drafting, and, if necessary, litigation to help you achieve results.


We are available to speak to your organization or group on a variety of education and estate planning topics free of charge. We also sponsor free seminars throughout the year. For more information, click here, or call us at 215-830-5025.