When you and your school district cannot agree on a program or placement for your student, when negotiations have failed or stalled, or when your child is entitled to a remedy for a past failure to provide a free, appropriate public education, you have the right to put the issue in front of an independent hearing officer who will listen to the evidence and make a binding decision.  This is called a “due process hearing.”

A due process hearing is like a trial, with evidence presented through testimony and documents.  Although you have the right to represent yourself at the hearing, your district will almost certainly be represented by an attorney.  If at all possible, you should be too.

Due process hearings are a special kind of administrative proceeding, requiring specialized knowledge and experience.  We have it.

We have successfully represented families in special education due process hearings since 1975.  If there is ever a need to appeal an unfavorable decision through the courts, we do that as well.

We will always give you our honest assessment of your case and your likelihood of success.