Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is defined as significantly subaverage general intellectual functioning, along with deficits in adaptive behavior.  These deficits appear during the developmental period and adversely affect the child’s educational performance. (34 C.F.R. §300.8).  Intellectual functioning is measured by an IQ score, with a score below 70 qualifying as below average general functioning. 

Not all forms of mental retardation are caused by chromosomal anomalies such as Down’s Syndrome.  In addition to genetic conditions, problems during pregnancy, at birth, or health problems may contribute to the acquisition of mental retardation. Due to its varied origins, mental retardation can look different in each child, and at times go undetected until fourth or fifth grade.

Every child with mental retardation is able to learn, develop, and grow.  Caryl Oberman began her special education career advocating for individuals with mental retardation, and has continued that advocacy for more than 35 years.  At the Law Offices of Caryl Oberman, we can help you identify your child’s needs, acquire the necessary services to meet them, and ensure that the educational setting in which she learns will provide her with a meaningful educational benefit.  We aim to empower you to become a knowledgeable advocate for your child and to help you get the services and programs necessary to achieve your child's goals.