Medical Assistance and Private Insurance Denials

Medical Assistance

In Pennsylvania, children with disabilities are entitled to Medical Assistance (sometimes called an “ACCESS Card”), regardless of their parents’ income. In addition to paying for doctors and hospitals, Medical Assistance can often be used to provide behavioral health services at home and at school, as well as physical, occupational and speech therapies.

We can help you to apply for Medical Assistance and to challenge any denial of eligibility for the card or for a particular service. Services and supports are crucial at every stage of your child’s development. We can help you navigate the Medical Assistance system to ensure that your child receives everything to which he or she is entitled.

Private Insurance Denials

Families often turn to their private insurance to pay for services like speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Under a new Pennsylvania law, private insurers can no longer deny reimbursement for behavioral services to children with autism, including applied behavioral analysis, on the grounds that they are not medical services. If you are having a problem getting your private insurer to come through for your family, we can guide you through the appeal process.

Disability Rights

Denying an individual access to programs and services because of a disability is against the law. Unfortunately, people with disabilities can face those denials every day. We have experience protecting your rights in matters relating to public accommodations, accessibility, and denial of access, especially matters involving schools and educational institutions. All people have the right to dignity. We are here to protect yours.


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